Janet Bludau received a BS degree from Fullerton University with additional design studies at the College of Marin and UC Berkeley. She is a several time award winning artist who's works can be found across the country as well as internationally. Janet often consults alongside designers, lending size, color and placement advice for her commissioned pieces.


The application of paint is not only done with brushes. To create interest I also use palette knives for the interplay of thick paint, combined with smooth brush strokes. Frequently seen in my work is the layering of color as well as the visible undercoat. Color combinations and juxtapositions are the focus rather than capturing exactly what the eye sees in nature. Abstraction is obtained through my interest in geometric shape and line. When I view a landscape, my eye will simplify and see the graphic qualities within. Transferring a scene to the canvas, I play with various geometrics and perspectives. Line, shape and angle are pushed and pulled until they are pleasing to my eye and articulate the mood I am trying to convey.