Marie Kazalia

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American artists with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, whose artwork color palette is heavily influenced by extensive travels in several Asian countries.


A deep taproot extends from my series of spot paintings (2012-14) and Asemic writing paintings (2005-2013), through my art school years and long before adulthood–encompassing language, colors and lettering of advertisements in my native English language (viewed since childhood in the USA), as well as extending to Asia and language and color influences from my four expatriate years in the countries of Japan, India and China. In art school, (Bachelor of Fines Arts degree from the California College of Arts in the San Francisco bay area, including graduate studies) my paintings were always concerned with flatness. I studied textile design in studio practice, working with spots, repeating patterns, and subverted patterns–explored with a color theory and palette I continue to devise. Flatness and the orb are the focus of my Spot Series paintings begin in 2012 and current 2014 continuing series — interests held long before the article Contemporary Abstraction placed such concerns at the forefront of art.

The Golden Age of Abstraction: Right Now, Art News, April 2013