Olivia Joy StClaire

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Amazing things happen when you do one thing differently, or do what you think can't be done. I sold my home and my next home promptly fell through, leaving me with no roof over my head so to speak. I took the opportunity that life presented and began a travel adventure that has been going 10+ months. This has allowed me to see and photograph many place I normally wouldn't, learn about faith and living very simply, meet many amazing people and learn how to truly live in the moment. I couldn't have planned something like this if I had tried! Through this solo experience my courage has grown and I dwell in possibility! I say yes to life & adventure. My art has been featured in Urban Outfitters stores, HGTV Magazine, Traverse Magazine, Lake Superior Magazine and in homes around the world.


She believed she could so she did. I'm currently exploring Nova Scotia and New England.