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For 4 years, Marie E. Freudenberger has studied at the Atelier John Murray on Long Island. Since 1998, Marie has studied at the renowned Art Students League in New York City - most notably with artist and teacher Cornelia Foss.

Marie has participated in various group shows such as the small works show at Washington Square Gallery (NYC) National Association of Woman Artists (NYC) Prince Street Gallery (NYC) and the National Art League (Douglaston.) Her paintings can be found in private collections in New York City, Los Angeles and Munich, Germany. Marie currently resides New York City and travels the world for inspiration.


“The magic of painting has captured me ever since I started. It has become my passion” – M.E. Freudenberger

“Working from life allows me to pick up subtleties of color; atmospheric conditions and changing light. Currently I am exploring the beaches and the ocean of the shores on Long Island and documenting these illusive shifts in color. My blue series paintings represent the color of the ocean at a particular time of day and vary accordingly.

Painting still lifes allow me to explore color, form, texture and the play of light on everyday objects. Even though the composition is carefully planned, I strive to keep my paintings fresh and spontaneous and hope to convey the joy and excitement I feel when exploring and painting these objects.”