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Born to an artist family in Margaret River, Western Australia, Alana Clumeck's upbringing was surrounded by the arts from an early age. However, it wasn't until early 2014 when Alana unearthed a bounty of hidden talent, and has since built upon these skills to become a reputable artist within the Santa Barbara community where she now resides.

Alana is known for her vibrant contemporary take on large game animals, equine portraits, and the cowboy culture. She enjoys capturing her subjects in their wild, raw form, portraying movement through pops of color, pattern and texture. She is completely self taught, and began painting in early 2014 while suffering from prenatal depression. During this time she found herself yearning for a creative outlet, and having never painted before, she purchased some art supplies, and painting quickly became her therapy. Three years on, Alana continues to paint with enthusiasm, constantly adding new techniques, mediums and subjects into her art.


If I am talking to you, you probably don't know it, but I am no doubt studying how the shadows and highlights form shapes on your face. I am looking at the colors of light bouncing of your expressions and I am planning in my head how I might paint that one day. I do the same when I am driving... I am looking at the shapes that the valleys and mountains form and how color has a play in creating that form. I paint in shapes. I never try to paint an entire picture, I am always trying to paint the shapes that form the entire picture.
There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained from painting all subjects. That being said I am really enjoying my wallpaper series that I am currently working on. This is a mash-up of masculine meets feminine, this way I can pick all my favorite subjects and put them together into one painting.