My work is intended to be fun and quirky and is inspired by nature, imagination and play.
I create art in pursuit of recreating imagery or ideas which flow into my mind. The desire to play with colour is almost magnetic, sustained by the pigments, pixels and the marks created.

Originally from the New England Tablelands and now on the Gold Coast, Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry- I see life as bits of energetic stuff- interacting the natural way -simple, complex, beautifully weird and quirky.

My methodology is experimental, either working to an idea plan or not, following spontaneity to where it leads. The media I use in my imagery includes inks, charcoal, pastels, pencils, oil and watercolour paints, photography and digital for my illustration work.

I am a Graphic Design, Photography, and Photo Imaging Graduate and have studied various Art and Design based undergraduate units.
Exploring new techniques and mediums is part of my practice.


Quirky, fun imagery creator inspired by Nature, Imagination and Play.