Desiree Elizabeth Malan

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I'm a multi-disciplinary artist currently obsessed with cyanotypes, a historical photographic process from the 1840's. I live near the coast in South Africa and make photograms in tidal pools and beaches where they are exposed in the hot African sun. I'm currently busy with a series of 100 cyanotypes (also called sunprints or blueprints), named "The Secret Life of Rock Pools". I use seaweed, sand and shells which I collect from tidal pools at lowtide to make these prints and try to capture the richness of life below the water's surface in rock pools. These abstract works of art will compliment any interior whether its a beach house or office in the city.


I spend a lot of time in nature and I see nature as my art collaborator. I rely on nature to make my art and the beach is my outdoor studio. Without the sun I wouldn't have been able to expose my photograms and without the rich sealife in the shallow waters of the rock pools, my canvas would have remained blank. Nature Is Art.


Group exhibition 2006 - Ceramics South Africa 2006, Cape Town, South Africa , 2018
Group exhibition 2007 - Wellington Museum, Wellington, South Africa , 2018
Solo exhibition 2010 - Breytenbach Sentrum, Wellington, South Africa, 2018
Group exhibition 2014, 2015 - Breytenbach Sentrum, Wellington, South Africa, 2018