My art name is LAUTIR,I live and work in Limbiate,near Milan,Italy.I was born in 1971.I have worked for years as a comic drawer,professional illustrator and painter.

- Scientific secondary School(1986-1990)
- Graduation in illustration-comics in MILAN (1990 -1993)
- Graduation in tattoo art in MILAN(2000)


Due to my past experiences,my art is eclectic both in subjects and painting techniques.
My works range from oil paintings to watercolor portraits,from abstract to figurative.
In order to be constantly inspired I pursue a creative freedom where I try to test myself towards different directions.
Through the years I have developed a personal style in using watercolors which I like to apply to celebrities portraits mostly(writers,musicians,historic characters).
On the other side when using oil colors I tend to be more expressionist and emotional generally by means of bold impasto brush strokes.
In any case my art is immediate in its execution in order to be the fastest physical registration possible of my perception of the subjects or of my original mental visualization of the painting.