Carmela Weiss

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Carmela is a graduate of the "Hamidrasha" Art School in Beit Berl College. Her paintings appear as sites prior to a disaster. Their color is demure and pastoral varying between grey-purples, creams, and beige. They appear very calm, perhaps too calm, Weiss locates figures in snow-bound sceneries, amongst slender, naked-toped trees. Occasionally, they seem human, portraying a singular appearance, sometimes they resemble monochrome shadows which indicate a present absentee, a human void. A sense of mystery and oppression creeps upon the observant viewer, and suddenly they are divulged as replete with distortions and delusive diversions. Weiss maneuvers between meticulous usages of thin accurate brushes to color spillages that alternate between spontaneity to moderated control. The tension between the line and the blot, and between the premeditated and the random, lends a dramatic flare of standing on the edge, of life on the verge of suspension.