I'm a Visual artist, fine art photographer and designer. I'm in love with the concepts of womanly beauty, nature and power of the female. Art for me is a way of expressing truth, translating my soul evolution to time and space, transforming energy into form and color. It's an impulse, a life force, which I drown to pass forward. I'm playing with a process of dressing and undressing layers of my fantasy world, all with my original photographs.
I've studied fashion design at Shenkar TLV & moved to the NYC scene, founding and decorating the legendary downtown’s Yaffa Café and Simone Martini Bar.
My Artistic language has no limits, from street art to interior design, international art exhibitions.

The role of art is to raise questions about ourselves and our mirrors

Lika Ramati


2007 "it's all about sex" Israel at shelef & shneidman contemporary art gallery.
2009 Montifiory Auction House Israel
2009 Everything is pretty solo exhibition during art Basel Miami Florida
2009 a New Eye on Israel for the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv- Jaffa
2013 Paris Les Hivernal
2013 Volvo the sound of Pop Art Israel
2013 Montifiory Auction House Israel
2014 Art Monaco
2014 International auction Espace Fine Art for Wizo Paris with collaboration with Christies
2015 Passion and Colours Pal mall gallery London
2015 Jaffa Port Gallery Fine art Photography Israel
2015 Moshe Kastel museum Bianalle Earth Israel
2016 Aids Benefit Bank Hapoalim
2016 Art connection Internetional Show during Art Basel
2017 Aids Benefit Bank Hapoalim
2017 Living Artists of Today contemporary art book Vol 3
2017 Salons Hoche Paris for "ADETEC-COEUR" by Christie’s
2017 Milan Biennial of contemporary art with MAD gallery Italy
2017 Art Market International Art Magazine.The Gold list .Top EmergingArtists of Today
2018 The First Berliner Art Book
2018 Art Market International Art Magazine.The Gold list .Top EmergingArtists of Today