I’m an American born fine arts photographer who has lived in England for the past twelve years. My passion for photography began as a teenager. My most prized possession was a vintage enlarger that I hovered over in the family bathroom, developing black and white film. I was, and still am,
fascinated by the endless creative possibilities of developing pictures and manipulating images.

To me, realizing the artistic potential of an image is far more satisfying than simply processing what the camera records. I hope to engage my viewers with my images – to invite them into my personal aesthetic, to experience the thrilling onrush of memories that only photographs can provide.

Uncovering memories is what photography is about for me, so my images are organically infused with a sense of nostalgia, melancholy and romance.

I studied photography in the early '90s, but my life took me to New York where most of my career was spent in the fashion industry. I traveled a lot during those years, and rediscovered the joy of capturing images. I discovered a passion for travel photography – capturing the familiar nuances of life in unfamiliar settings. Urban landscapes hold a particular fascination for me because they are infused with the memories of so many other travelers. Capturing the beauty of everyday life is a journey of perception, a new way of seeing.

I’m lucky to have made a life in London, where I am surrounded by the ancient and modern architecture that I find so compelling, and equally close to the beautiful landscapes of England’s countryside.

My work has been published in magazines, featured on design blogs, and licensed for advertising, but my proudest achievement is the numerous private homes that my photographs hang in.