I am an oil painter. a colorist with a love for representation and the abstract. The fusion between the two is my ultimate goal. As a Genre painter I paint still life, portraiture, landscape, really anything that peaks my interest. My work is in collections throughout the United States and around the world.


I love flowers and grow many of the flowers I paint. The sunlight of South Carolina surrounds me most days and I want to fill my canvases with the brilliance of it. I love to paint transparent things, sparkly things, glittery things, colorful things, the beauty in my life. Those things that I live with day in and day out. I frequent thrift stores, dusty attics, and forgotten corners searching for some treasure to add to mine. There is something that draws me to a certain vase or flower and I flood it with natural light and begin to paint. I love the sparkle as the sun filters across petals and glistens when it hits glass. These are the magic moments that I live to paint, those small spaces in time which seemingly go unnoticed.


The South Carolina Artisans Gallery, Walterboro, SC, United States, 2016