Elisa Begani was born in 1974 in Sestri Levante.
After the “Istituto Statale d'Arte” High School, she attended the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Genoa, with the last year of study in Granada, Spain with an Eramsus scholarship.
She received her art degree in 2000.
The theme of her unique paintings results from her deep research on human bodies which evolved from her work with academic naked figures and developed into portraits inspired mainly by herself and her friends' photographs. Her portraits lead the observer's attention to small details in an overall pattern of the mysteries of female intimacy.
She talks about her work in this way:
“I love women and the feminine world. Not everything, however... a certain type of woman: light but intense, sensual but also a bit child-like. And maybe that is why I like the women of French films, with a bit of naiveté and extremely sensual. I like to take photos and, inevitably, when I do it, I always end up observing the details, hardly the figure as a whole, often a detail is able to express an emotion in a much more intense way. And perhaps the same is true for my paintings of clothes hanging. The body is not there, but you can fantasize about its forms and imagine the dress being worn...
My images are evocative. They allow the person who chooses to view them to travel with the mind and heart and land, perhaps, in a place where she or he can recognize or discover themselves.”
Since 1997 she has shown her work in private galleries both in Italy and abroad. In Spring 2000, she opened her own studio/workshop in her hometown in Italy.
She works mainly with oil paint and often also uses acrylic and paper, creating mixed media collage artworks.
She loves to travel and still lives and works in Sestri Levante.


permanent artist in the gallery Carrè d'Artistes, Milan, Italy

personal exhibition There is a story.... , show room L'Officina – home interiors,
Locarno, Switzerland

realization of the cover to the insert attached of the italian newspaper Corriere della Sera of 17 settembre

personal exhibition Identity and lightness, gallery Wunderkammer, Bergamo, Italy
personal exhibition, show-room Giorgio Brato, Milan, Italy

personal exhibition Dresses and girls, show room L’officina – home interiors, Locarno, Switzerland

finalist of Saturarte ‘08, collective exhibition, Genoa, Italy

collective exhibition Proposals, gallery Cristina Busi, Chiavari (GE), Italy

finalist of Maps of the world, collective exhibition, gallery Il Basilisco, Genoa, Italy

personal exhibition, Portraits, Euposia wine bar, Milan, Italy
collective exhibition Italian night, Hemingway Karlsruhe, Germany
collective exhibition Italienbilder-bilder aus Italien, gallery of the library,
Karlsruhe, Germany
collective exhibition Restarte in centro, Chiavari (GE), Italy
collective exhibition Lars Pfeiffer-Elisa Begani, Critisize Karlsruhe, Germany
collective exhibition Offene Ateliers, hinterm hauptbanhof Karlsruhe,
finalist of Premio Arte Mondadori 2001, collective exhibition, Milan, Italy

execution of some interiors wall decorations, Sestri Levante (GE), Italy
initiation of a studio-atelier for the prodution and sale of personal artworks,
Sestri Levante (GE), Italy

collective exhibition Naked body, Ducal Palace, Genoa, Italy

collective exhibition at the conference The reform of the Academies of Fine Arts and the prospects for Academies equalized and legally recognized, Perugia, Italy
scholarship funded by the European Community in the frameworks of Erasmus students for the accademic year 1998-99 (from October 1998 until June 1999), foreign host University: Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Granada, Spain

collective exhibition The journey, Ducal Palace, Genoa, Italy
collective exhibition Metropolitan noise, Ducal Palace, Genoa, Italy