Suzanne Harford

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A life-long appreciation for the beauty of nature and its many hidden details inspire much of my work. I enjoy capturing the little things and different views that other people may miss. Most of my work also includes creative processing in the digital “darkroom.” I love how digital processing allows me to creatively convey a mood or feeling as I imagined it while capturing the original image.

Photography has always been a part of my life. During my childhood, back in the days before digital, my dad would occasionally let me use his 35mm manual film camera… a camera I now own and still use at times. It was always a special moment when he would hand that camera over to me. Despite taking lots of ugly photos, which cost a lot in film and developing at that time, I learned many valuable lessons about how to use a camera at a young age.

I am based near Pine Plains in Upstate New York and also have a full time job caring for horses on a large farm. Horses, photography and coffee make my life happy.