Lydia Marie Elizabeth

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Lydia M.E. Schrader was privately tutored in fine art as a child, and later formally trained as an Interior Designer. Now best known for her detailed portraits of architecture and interiors, Lydia's client list has grown to include illustrious names in the design and art communities, such as Suzanne Kasler and Kim Heirston. Lydia lives and works where the sunshine takes her throughout the year- Palm Beach, Virginia, Philadelphia, and Maine. She exhibits her work during the summer at art fairs and has won numerous awards for her work.


My artwork features a strong attention to detail and typically focuses on interiors and architecture. My own sunny disposition floods into my art resulting in a joyful body of work. It is often also nostalgic. While I enjoy exploring shapes for what an object is in a perspective, I find that the heightened colors of memory are most precise. What is so intriguing about buildings is their reflection of those who inhabit them. Once we are beyond the structure of the building, architecture has the ability to touch on what we like to project about ourselves, and interiors can be a very intimate portrait of a person's inner self.


Mystic Art Show, Mystic, Connecicut , 2018