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When I give a talk about my work I often begin with the caveat that "It's just me and my dog, alone in a room (or in the landscape)". Painting is one of the more solitary of the arts, but in the end it is about communication, someone has to see it. By looking at my work you have completed the circle, you have seen what I have tried to say. This is what it's all about.


Why paint? I paint because I love color and light. Because translating what I see into paint is a puzzle that I can't leave alone. I paint because I love the feeling of a full brush being dragged across a canvas. Because in front of the easel I make sense of a small piece of of the world so I can live with the ambiguities and chaos and randomness of life. I paint in order to find beauty and to show it to others, to you.


Defying Gravity (solo), Rare Nest Gallery, Chicago, 2018
A New Figuration, The Springfield Museum of Art, OH, 2018
The Greatest Show on Earth!, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, NY, 2018
Six Gallery Artists, Rare Nest Gallery, Chicago, 2017
Please Respond (solo), Ohio Wesleyan University, 2017
Thru the Rabbit Hole, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, NY, 2017
Cowgirls No.5, BRIK Gallery, Main Street, Catskill, NY, United States, 2016
Influence of the French Masters (solo), Residence of Consul General, Chicago, 2016
7 On Site + 2, Newtownbarry House, Bunclody, Ireland, 2015
Improvisation (2- person), Bowery Gallery, West 25th Street, New York, NY, United States, 2015
Selections (solo), Chin-Azzaro, 9 S. Washington Street in Ypsilanti, MI, 2015
Seven on Site, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Lancaster MI, 2015
Sideshow Nation III, Circle the Wagons, Sideshow Gallery Williamsburg, NY, 2015
The Drawing Show, Gallery 1837, Chicago , 2014
Of Color and Rhythm: Midwest Paint Group, Jacoby Arts Center, East Broadway, Alton, IL, United States, 2014
Many Summers (solo), Washburn Cultural Center, East Bayfield Street, Washburn, WI, United States, 2014
Architecture and Nature (solo), Cliff Dwellers Club, South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States, 2014
Still, Blue: Zeuxis, multiple venues, 2014
We Live Here (solo), Bette Cerf Hill Gallery, Chicago, 2013
bed of earth, blanket of blue air (solo), Madron LLC, West North Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States, 2009