Katherine Corden

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I'm a Michigan girl and grew up running down the sand dunes of that lake we all love. I live with my fiancé Dave and we spend long weekends retreating to the calm of northern Michigan. My favorite days are spent near the water, exploring new and old places, laughing with my sister, and celebrating holidays with friends and my big family. I'm a relentless optimist. I love moseying through art galleries, meeting new people, and learning how to be a better human. One day, we want to live near nature and be close to adventures. I want to grow my own garden and have a big family. My favorite compliment is that I remind someone of my parents. My mom is an art teacher, my dad is an excellent craftsman, and they both have impeccable taste for interior design.

Painting for me is an extension of who I am. I am attracted to all things joyful - whether that is found in unexpected colors, light play, nature, social interaction, or weekend feels - I try to capture that joy in my work. My hope is that my light hearted creations are able to brighten your day and complement the life and love in your homes.