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Emily S. Damstra earned an M.F.A. in science illustration from the University of Michigan and embarked on a career as a freelance science illustrator. Her illustrations appear on interpretive signs in museums, zoos and natural areas as well as in many different publications, including:

Guide to Great Lakes Fishes by Gerald R. Smith (University of Michigan Press 2010)
The Atlantic Coast; A Natural History by Harry Thurston (Greystone Books 2011)

She also designs coins for the Royal Canadian Mint and the United States Mint.

Emily has always lived in the Great Lakes region of North America, where she gains inspiration from and a deep appreciation for nature through gardening, hiking, volunteering and exploring the beautiful local environment.


Nature has long been a subject that feeds my inclination to draw. The imagery I create reveals my affinity for details, delight in colour, and desire for accuracy. Whatever the medium, I believe that art is a way of learning, both for the artist and for the viewers of the artwork. Through art I’ve been fortunate to explore subjects as diverse as entomology, ichthyology, zoology, paleontology, botany, and archaeology.