Kate is an artist in pursuit of beauty and optimism. At the age of one she won a painting contest at the county fair and she hasn't looked back since (that award winning painting hangs in her studio). Originally from Tennessee, Kate lives in Chicago with her husband and four children. She taught and wrote curriculum about masterpieces at The Art Institute of Chicago for many years before making the move to set up a studio practice at home while raising her children.

You'll find bright, gauzy floral washes, simple depictions of interiors and collages. Heavy in color and pattern, while still playful and loose, Kate's paintings are instantly accessible giving off a nice warm glow.

Kate works primarily in watercolor, gouache and acrylic on Arches paper and heavily gessoed canvas. She often plays around with oil pastels, oil sticks and Copic markers.

Discover more about Kate and her process at and on Instagram @katelewisart.


Cherished spaces and objects and all that they encompass are at the heart of my work. Being a mother of four young children and being connected to all aspects of domesticity has had me dive deep into how we experience our environments and how that affects us. I am exploring what spaces and objects matter to people and why.