I am an artist who travels a bit and I paint what intrigues me. I respond to that which is not all the time beautiful, but try to inject some of me into a subject to make it more interesting and unique. Whether urban, seaside, landscape, I try to make the quotidian something more.


I am a painter of my environment. Where once art needed nature to survive,we now need art to help nature survive. I paint to capture beauty, to hold a passing moment,to memorialize what may be fleeting, or in the case of barns or industrial sites, falling. I hope my paintings can invoke a sense of wonder as in childhood, and can be emotionally moving and provoking. It is a search for truth without sentimentality. My work is of nature, but just as important, it is about painting, color, light, structure. the images are about Romanticism, transcendentalism and pure emotion. I try to make the immense intimate,


Laurel Tracey Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, United States, 2013
The Derryfield School, Manchester, NH, United States, 2012
The Quiet Life, Lambertville, NJ, United States, 2012