Emiliano Deificus

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Established in 2012, deificus Art is a media and art company, which started with an aim to express Film, Photography, Graphic and Fashion design with a unique style, artistic perspectives and capturing of inimitable moments. Alongside fellow activists, humanitarians, and former leaders, I too, dream to spread motivation and encouragement which once inspired me to create deificus Art. With this in mind, products are designed and created to positively impact individuals by expressing meaningful values through the use of various forms of visual arts. We wish to one-day travel the world, spreading love and positivity and giving back to those in need, with profits made through deificus Art.


Passionate about Film, Photography and Graphic Design I create unique images, which convey my inspirations as I work to inspire those around me. The work of many remarkable artists and philosophers has shaped my vision and taught me that passions do not limit. Deificus Art, once but a vision is now a movement, set forth to enlighten. A company which not only offers film, photography and graphic design but also established a brand creating inspirational products to reach out to those around the world.