Paulina Vårregn

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Paulina R. Vårregn is european artist & traveller. She is a painter and printmaker, currently living in Greece, grown up in Slovakia. In 2007-2013 she graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia (Master degree in Printmaking).
In 2010 studied a printmaking and enviromental art on Aalto University of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland.
After studies she lived in Belgium, Tenerife, Crete ,Azores and Corfu islands . This has created a very mixed cultural background which has influenced her work.
The main focus in her artwork is creating of inner dialoque with the enviroment, which is subsequently projected into her personal visions about strange dreamy landscapes and imaginary worlds.


published works & projects:
2017 collaboration with Varvara, (textile patterns- spring-summer collection)
2017 collaboration with Kla-si-ka ceramic studio
2014 published artworks in VOGUE magazine, Australia (april 2014)
2013 published works in WEST ELM catalog, New York
2012 published works in ETSY winter Look Book, New York


Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition(AIMPE), Tokušima, Japonsko, 2017