I have spent decades exploring color and pattern in my paintings. With works in museums and many corporate and private collections, my paintings have established a strong following.

Watercolor on Aquabord has been the primary medium in which I work. Working on Aquabord allows the watercolors to be shown without glass.

I also enjoy working in pastel and oil. My non-traditional works are in oil and cold wax, offering me the opportunity to explore the ultimate in color and texture.

Commissions include:
Tariq Hajj Architects for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia
Congressman Marvin and Alta Leath, Washington, DC
Delta Airlines
The National PGA Headquarters, St. Augustine, FL
Moody Gardens Resort Hotel, Galveston,
Raddison Ritz Carlton, Houston, TX
Avatar, Orlando, FL

Collections Include:
Amoco Corporation, Chicago, IL
The Gallery at Chateau de Vullievens, Switzerland
Corpus Christi Museum, Corpus Christi, TX
Delta Crown Club, Orlando, FL
ECPI Tidewater, Virginia Beach, VA
The City of Crete, Crete,IL
PetroSource Inc, Houston, TX
Techmatics Inc, Fairfax, VA
Walt Disney Corporation, Orlando, FL


My paintings are an exploration of light. I find a fascination in the manner in which light diffuses and creates it spectral life. The action and reaction of pigment and color on the surfaces on which I paint equally intrigue me. Each painting, whether oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolor, is a fascinating adventure in the discovery of color and its vibrant interplay. My current works in pastel are textural adventures in color. I attempt to place the stroke and leave it in its pure state, clean, concise and clear.

Each day offers another experience, another piece of the world offered for rendering. I place on the surface simple renderings of wind, sun, fragrance, and elements of the human experience. For me, art is not only about the creation of images, it is about the elevation of life. Art stimulates the good in humans and raises us to a higher level of thinking and performance. If my simple expression placed on a surface contributes to this, I am pleased.


Pastel Society of Southeast Texas 2017, Houston, TX, United States, 2017
Pastel Society of Southeast Texas International 2016, Houston, TX, United States, 2016
Watercolor Art Society- Houston, Houston, TX, United States, 2013
Sea To Shining Sea, National Tour, 2005