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I am a graphic designer, illustrator and artist, working as a freelancer, living near Oslo, in Norway. I am educated with a master degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and most of my assignments are from different publishers.
My artworks are my passion. It represent freedom, playfulness and joy. It gives me energy.


My work is about colors, bold shapes and lines. Sometimes added with textures. Accepting intuition to override intellectual explanations and control, is what I try to accomplish. And to enjoy imperfection – that gives space for imagination! My work is expressive and abstract.

My working prosess often starts with a pair of scissors, black and white paper and glue. I make collages of positive and negative shapes. Trying not to overdo it. Or I draw. I have fallen in love with charcoal lately, but I also love ink, acrylics, and pencils. I scan everything in, and start to mix and blend things together. I add colors, too, in Photoshop. That blend of handmade and digital are always present in my works.