Pamela Staker

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Pamela Staker is a Chicago-based contemporary artist. She shares her work/live studio with Chukwu, Wyatt, Chi Chi, and Monkey - all rescue animals. Staker received her BFA in painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana / Champaign and has received several grants and awards including an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship and a CAAP Individual Artist Grant from the City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs.


My work has an urban/rural duality strongly influenced by my growing up in a small Midwestern town and then transplanting to downtown Chicago directly after art school. I am forever trying to capture fragments of the colors and shapes etched in my memory and mix them with my current observations as a city dweller. My art making process is a performance of sorts – spontaneously choreographed, playful, sensitive, and free-flowing. I allow myself a great deal of freedom in my paint handling, creating energy in the works by applying my marks quickly and with a confidence that is intuitive and decidedly unfussy.