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I was born into a family of artists in 1957 in Moscow, Russia. My father was the famous artist Ulo Ilmar Sooster, and my mother was a puppet artist, so my path in life was clear from the start. In addition to my education as a painter, I also studied cartoon animation at the Writers Film School in Goskino, Moscow and at the School of Fine Arts at Souzmultfilm, Moscow.

In 1990 I emigrated to Israel with my family, and today I live and work from my studio in Tel Aviv.


Concentrated and connected work gives a reciprocal affinity between brain-eye-hand-pen that enables one to experience at the molecular level the resistance of the paper, the quantity and density of the color, and the calculated movement that allows you to arrive at the desired result; in addition, the old methods and motifs, and even the compositions of the old artists themselves, which relate closely to the modern paradoxical views on art, politics and life itself, richly seasoned with black humor – all this is what provides the basis upon which to view my work, as something unique and “unrecyclable”.

The singularity of each line, each dot on paper, these are the elements that signify and represent each work, giving each one its own original character.