Jo Beth Voges

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Born and raised in Tennessee, Jo Beth Voges has always had a love affair with nature. Heavily influenced by color and femininity, Jo Beth gains inspiration from the world around her.

Jo Beth has been creating her entire life, being surrounded by creative women. She earned her BFA from the University of Tennessee concentrating in Painting. Her work has been showcased multiple times in Knoxville, TN; as well as Chattanooga, TN and Miami, FL.

Art has the power to bring our awareness to issues & shadows in the world. But it also has the power to be a refuge. Jo Beth has always used her art in this way, as a safe place where joy extends from the canvas to the viewer.

Continuously striving for her work to be happy & bright, Jo Beth is strongly influenced by color. Lately her work has focused around botanicals, particularly tropicals. Working in oil and acrylic on canvas, in a variety of sizes. Jo Beth creates her work to express and bring joy so that it can become a bright haven for it’s viewer.


Color is perhaps Jo Beth Voges’ biggest influence in her work. A lover of the bright and bold Jo Beth increasingly gains her inspiration from nature. Exploring the complexity of color and pattern, and how it relates to the viewer through her work.

As a seeker of the happy, Jo Beth hopes that each of her paintings brings beauty and joy to all who view it.