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Six Simple Steps to Your Perfect Gallery Wall

With careful pre-planning, you’ll be enjoying beautiful art custom-curated
just for you, by you and even hung by you!

These days, thoughtfully hung artwork isn’t just for formal spaces like downtown galleries and world-renowned museums. Now homeowners everywhere are enjoying professionally curated art collections, thanks to a little help from Artfully Walls, some ingenuity and an everyday tool kit. Here’s how.

Next to each wall on the Artfully Walls website, you’ll find an exact digital replica of the art included in the collection. From there, you’re just a click away from a PDF file that documents the wall’s specific hanging measurements. Simply print or have the screen pulled up on your phone, tablet or computer, and then gather your supplies.

What you’ll need:

  • Your unwrapped Artfully Walls art collection
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Measuring tape

1. Start by taking a look at your digital, pre-set art arrangement as laid out at the time of order. With this as your guide, gently place the art on the floor in front of the wall you plan to use as your gallery surface.

2. Once satisfied, use the pre-set measurements you pulled from the Artfully Walls website to calculate the entire width of the collection. Find the center and make a mark on the wall with a pencil at about eye level—on average, this is 60 inches from the floor. This will help to orient you as you place your first piece of art.

3. Choose the most central print or frame from your collection, and measure the distance between the top of the frame and the top of the hanging wire on the back. Make sure to pull the wire taut to get the most accurate measurement, and then jot the number down.

4. Next, place the art against the wall based off of the central point you made earlier as reference. Use the pencil (or a nail) to make another small mark on the wall at the top of the frame, and set the art aside.

5. Now you can use the measurement you took earlier (the distance between the wire and the top of the frame) to find the spot on the wall where the nail will go. Once found, grab the nail and hammer it into place, then hang your first piece of art on the wall.

6. After that, you’ll simply repeat the steps—follow the measurements found on the Artfully Walls website to place the art, measure between frame and wire, make marks and hammer the nail into place. Pretty soon, the entire collection will come together before your eyes!

Happily, art collecting is no longer a limited skill. From the process of curating a well thought collection to hanging each piece one by one, you’ll be a pro in no time. Artfully Walls is proud to see you through the process—one print, one measurement and one nail at a time!