Michelle Adams | Artfully Walls
Michelle Adams is a pioneer in adapting shelter publications for the web. After co-founding Lonny magazine in 2009, she teamed up with Meredith Corporation to launch
TRADhome. Adams also is the founder of Rubie Green, an organic-textile company, and was the Editor in Chief of domino magazine from the spring of 2013 to May 2014. Among notable press appearances, she has been featured in Vanity Fair; O, The Oprah Magazine; and The New York Times. Adams is now working as a creative consultant with companies on a global scale.

"I aim to infuse my home with a sense of history, so the portraits and Roman motifs in this collection provide that foundation while the geometric pieces help to modernize the look.
The recent popularity of the color blue in interior design inspired the water paintings, which can easily stand alone or complement a grouping of art.
My acid test for the inclusion of each piece was whether I'd hang it in my own home."