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Jessica Kenyon is the founder of Jessica Kenyon Studio, a contemporary photography studio based out of Santa Fe, NM. She currently specializes in large-format abstract photography.

In 2009, after receiving a BA in Art History from Cornell University, she went on to work for a start-up non-profit. At this job, Jessica learned a great deal about business analytics and content creation. In 2013, a serious back injury landed her in bed, which forced her to leave her job. At this time, she re-discovered her love of photography. Jessica set up a make-shift photography studio in her dining room and started building a portfolio. The bright colors brought her joy; the artistic challenge lifted her spirits. Jessica Kenyon's artistic career was born from this silver lining. She hopes collectors feel this same joy when hanging her art on their walls.


Jessica Kenyon's work is about impermanence and change. Her two main series of 2016 are 'Abstract Plumes' and 'Abstract Floral.' Both series feature unpredictable subjects in motion. Her artwork is a meditation on the natural cycles we move through in life – a celebration of the ups and downs. Additional information is available on her website www.jessicakenyonstudio.com or via Instagram @jessicakenyonstudio.