Jessica Kenyon

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After working in the non-profit world for years, a back injury forced Jessica Kenyon to leave a fundraising job she loved. In the process of recovering from her accident, Jessica rediscovered her love for photography. At this time, Jessica found the creative process especially uplifting and inspiring. Jessica loves helping her clients find special pieces that reflect their personal style and taste.
Her work has been shared by Domino, Adobe, Design Milk, Anthropologie, MyDomain, and SaatchiArt. In 2016, she showed at the Guy Hepner Gallery in NYC.


Jessica Kenyon's work is about impermanence and change. Her two main series, 'Abstract Ink' and 'Abstract Floral,' feature unpredictable subjects in motion. Her artwork is a meditation on the natural cycles we move through in life – a celebration of the ups and downs. Additional information is available on her website or via Instagram @jessicakenyonstudio.


Guy Hepner Gallery, New York, NY, United States, 2016