Born and raised in Los Angeles, I completed my artist training at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles and the Academy of Art/Lone Mountain College in San Francisco. Working as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in the fields of Film and Business Advertising, Animation and Educational Media, I created countless corporate logos and artist catalogs. Always a painter, in the late 1990's I enrolled at the Santa Monica School of Design, Art & Architecture. This led to my current work in oils and printmaking .
My paintings have been exhibited widely here in Los Angeles and across the country including Saatchi Art, USC Hillel Art Gallery and Tobey C. Moss Gallery. My work on “Sycamore House,” a project where I designed a “shadow” motif of sycamore trees that was sandblasted onto the entire outside of a new home in Pacific Palisades, was recently featured on HGTV’S “Extreme Homes.” In 2014-15 I created an installation of 16 10’ tall white vinyl yucca trees that were attached to inside windows of the “Jewel Box” – a floor-to-ceiling glass encased room that is cantilevered from the 2nd story over the sidewalk of the Museum of Art + History (MOAH) in Lancaster, CA.


I am drawn to the negative spaces of branches and leaves; the elegant energy and random patterning of natural forms create a visual dialog between figuration and abstraction; an expressionistic push-pull, creating a lyrical flow in the shapes that spin a web across a sensuous surface. My work is a search for serenity - a safe place. Henri Matisse once said: “I am painting a place where I want to be.” We as artists create objects that nourish and enrich existence, and as such, what we do, consciously or not, has profound effect.