I am an oil painter. a colorist with a love for representation and the abstract. The fusion between the two is my ultimate goal. As a Genre painter I paint still life, portraiture, landscape, really anything that peaks my interest. My work is in collections throughout the United States and around the world.


I find that every available minute that I have is filled with a desire to paint. Painting is not an easy task for me and requires great patience and persistence. It is light falling on a bush, a pitcher or cascading off of a table that I am interested in. I try not to think too much about what I am going to paint. I look around my home or thumb through photos to find the perfect subject for that day. My delight is in the struggle to paint and to capture light; those intimate hours where it is just me, my tools, and hard work. I like abstraction and then on the other hand I enjoy realism. Because I paint images that are both representational and abstract, I define my way of painting as abstract realism. There is a refinement to my painting and also a gutiyness and bold aggression. I don’t simply want to paint a beautiful image (although that is part of it); I desire to paint and show my arduous search to define what is before me. If I can paint something that finds a space in your heart then my quest has not been in vain.


The South Carolina Artisans Gallery, Walterboro, SC, United States, 2016