Kelly Witmer is a multi-disciplinary artist splitting her time between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, CA. Born in a small Amish town in Pennsylvania, Kelly received her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with additional studies at Parsons School of Design in Paris, France.
See more work and read about my process at and instagram @kellywitmer


While I still keep making figurative work, I split my focus with abstraction. Painting this way is pure joy for me. Every canvas is a blank slate, and without planning I never know where it will end up. Shapes and colors form and collaborate on their own, from a jumble of the imagery sources surrounding me - the amazing sunsets, cacti, twisting branch silhouettes of Joshua Trees , crumbling homesteads, the roots of upturned trees. Mirages of the sea or desert oasis chlorine pools of water. Reoccurring patterns come and go, like desert rats.
Lately I've been combining figurative with abstraction, using found imagery or the animals I live with as models. I think the abstract and the figurative compliment each other, and add a new layer of divergence.