I grew up in Houston, Texas. In my late teens i became the first female disc jockey (Bunny Taylor) at the top station in Houston, KRBE-FM. Being on the air was certainly a creative outlet for me. It wasn't until I moved to California in 1985 and that I turned my creativity towards art.

Today I spend most of my days in my studio at my home. I consider myself quite lucky to spend my time doing what I love.



It’s the gentle whisper in a fleeting moment that reminds me of horizons past and the importance of ‘place’ in life. Not only am I seduced by its grandness and unpredictability, but I am also inspired by the things I cannot see and the comfort of hope just beyond the horizon.

I covet new canvases as though they hold the secret of a new dawn. Capturing the fleeting moment in time is impossible, but capturing that moment's feeling before it fades is my dream. Using palette knives, oil paints, and intuition, I begin layering selected colors as a foundation for the painting. Days later, I return to add additional layers. I continue this process until I've captured the feeling I've been chasing. After the oils are completely dry, I use brushes to apply several layers of glazing to add highlights, shadows, depth and color, once again allowing each to dry before the next glaze. When I fear the moment I’ve captured will be lost, I know the painting is complete.

Our journey does not begin with a sunrise and end with a sunset, but is rather a collection of horizons on which to reflect and to dream. Our lives are our canvases and our souls are the colors we use to create our dreams....our horizons.


A quiet studio, blank canvases, palette knives, selected palette of acrylics and oils, brushes, rags, curiosity, imagination and intuition are the the tools I use to create my abstracts. As I begin to layer color (something I do with each of my paintings) and the colors merge and run, the direction of the painting begins to manifest.

From the start know that I am completely free to tap into my deepest feelings,and honestly express passionate emotions. Stepping outside of my comfort zone while trusting my instinct is deeply personal. I’m inspired by things I cannot see and it’s quite possible I’m searching for a reason where there is none. Painting an abstract is my soul’s adventure. It’s a process of moving forward, taking time to depart from the old so that I can explore and grow. Allowing myself to get lost in the adventure yet finding my way ‘home’ as everything falls into place is an invaluable journey.

I feel confident the piece is ‘finished’ when, what once was a blank canvas, is now looking back at me with a soul of its’ own. What started out as my confidant is now my soul mate.