Tamir Shefer was born in San Francisco, California in l963. In 1970 he migrated with his family to Israel.

After completing his army service he attended the Bezalel –Israel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, and in l989 he received the degree, Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from Bezalel.

From a very young age Tamir was engaged by local newspapers and magazines where his art work – caricatures and illustrations, could be found weekly.

From l992 to l997 he operated a very successful art studio, “X-Taza” in California, USA. During this period he served as Art Director, developed and designed a multitude of interactive products for different commercialized platforms. At the same time he published illustrations in several National newspapers such as the “Village Voice” in New York, the “San Diego Union Tribune” and “San Francisco Bay Guardian.”

In l998 he established the “Tamir Shefer Studio for Art and Design” in Jaffa, Tel-Aviv. The studio caters to a variety of clients. It deals with the development, design, illustration and interactive printed products for a sundry of platforms. This is in addition to specialized art projects, among them are stage design for the theater, game design, book illustration and Fine Art exhibitions.

Tamir does not explain the hidden meaning of his art work. He tries to provoke the spectator by raising questions. He does that by integrating familiar symbols into his work. Tamir uses in his work mixed media. Many of his works are built like a box where the central figure is confined within the space and its boundaries. He believes that society today is overcrowded and such is his art work: dense, colorful and full of images. The symbols that appear in his work are very familiar: dolls, soldiers and flags, symbols that deliver to the viewer critical messages about society. Tamir uses these images and symbols in a repetitive manner that takes on the aura of a meditative ritual.

Tamir’s art work has been shown in many single and group exhibitions. In l996 he had a one man show “Comix by the Bit” in the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum. In 2004 he had a one man show of his paintings in the “Gallery on the Rock”, in Israel. In 2006 he exhibited his paintings in the Sheraton City Tower Hotel in Tel-Aviv, to mention just a few. Since 2004 he has a revolving art exhibition, part of a program of “bringing art to the people” sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Art and culture, the exhibit is being shown periodically in different parts of the country. Several of his paintings were commissioned and others have bean purchased by prominent art collectors.

Tamir divides his time between painting, multi media commercial projects and teaching art at Bezalel Academy of Art, from which he graduated, and Holon Technological Institute, in Israel.

He lives in Jaffa with his wife Anat and their two daughters, Kami and Ella.


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