Mary Sinner has an Associate’s degree from Weber State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. Mary is finishing her MFA at the University of Utah. She lives in downtown Salt Lake City with her husband and son.


I am a painter. I love every part of painting- the drips, mess, layers, smells, colors, and possibilities. I’ve learned to embrace my sense of curiosity and play. Nothing is off limits. I have used wallpaper, Astroturf, glitter, fabric, paper, ballpoint pen, markers, resin, house paint, found objects, flocking, and metal leaf.
I’m fascinated by cultural symbols that migrate from “high” to “low” cultures and back again. Cultural understanding is constantly mobile in relation to “stuff” viewed through a post modern lens. Depending on the context, the subject can morph into a myriad of people, places, or things.