Skye Schuchman

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Skye Schuchman is an artist and design consultant working across the fashion, technology, cycling, and advertising industries. Skye's design aesthetic is heavily influenced by classical and modern art, blending traditional artists media with digital technology. Skye lives in the San Francisco bay area and works with a global clientele.


My grandmother studied art and painted in New York with the likes of Clyfford Still, my grandfather was a paleontologist who discovered fossils for museums, both my mother and father are concert Cellists. I was lucky to grow up around the emotion, curiosity, and art that my family created in our home, and so from a very young age I strove to do the same.

I take influence from the people around me, the music, art, beauty, and complexity of the world we live in and have spent thousands of hours creating things that synthesize my fascination with this whole.

I hope to create in a way that honors what my family has done before me, distills the energy spent thinking about and creating my art, to generate a visceral emotion for those who engage with my work.

I hope you enjoy what I've made.



Dots & Lines, Cibo, Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA, United States, 2017
Workshop 2 Year Anniversary, Workshop, Princess Street, Sausalito, CA, United States, 2015
Velo Blanc, Cibo, Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA, United States, 2015