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Hi! I'm Brynn. I am an artist currently based out of Atlanta, GA. My love for all things creative began early on in my life, as I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be an art-maker. I began getting serious about my practice in late high school, and recently received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing at the University of Georgia. I am now living in Marietta, GA with my husband. He and I are both creatives loving this life together and living it to the FULLEST!


Artists should constantly push themselves beyond their comfort zones in order to foster growth and innovation. We should never rest in a comfortable position in our lives because there is so much more to be explored, fought with, learned, and ultimately conquered. In terms of my artwork, sometimes this constant stretching exercise results in successful pieces, and many times, it doesn't. I'm learning to be okay with that. I’m working on incorporating this trial and error practice into all aspects of my life so I may live fearlessly and dynamically. Inviting failure into my life and my work is a tough mountain to climb, however, I am determined to reach the summit; there lies the best view.
My recent work is an exploration of ocean water landscapes. Using gestural mark making and movement in my work offers a fresh and innovative way for me to make art, always keeping me on my toes. The recent introduction of color to these works has opened endless doors for the subject to grow and challenge me. The subject of water is an ambiguous subject with symbolic meaning that can be interpreted differently by everyone. I am afraid of large bodies of water, and through self-reflection, I have learned I am generally a fearful person. The fear I experience every day goes much deeper than fear of water, but the subject of water is something I have landed on to encompass these fears. The fear of rejection, disapproval, failure, and the future are a few fears I experience day by day. This realization has been the heartbeat behind these works as I learn to conquer the fear that controls my life. This focus on the subject matter of water is derived from biblical imagery of Peter, who blindly, bravely, steps out onto the water, at the mere beckoning of Jesus. I hope to follow in Peter’s steps as I dive into my art and life headfirst- fearlessly.