Isabelle Stolar

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My name is Isabelle. I am a french self taught illustrator living and working in Israel. I love playing with colors, Photoshop brushes, textures and exploring the two way wiring between words and images. After studding anthropology and working in the child protection field for years, I turned a page and returned to an old passion - drawing.

My work is most often the result of a mix media technique. I draw, scan, add and superimpose lots of textures. I love the connection between textured work and clean or clear outlines. I enjoy depicting still, standing people or animals and simultaneously giving the impression that there is an emotional turmoil is occurring: "love", "excitement", "shyness"...etc. Browsing through my work, you will easily see that I am kind of partial to the subjects of "moving", "feeling at home", "flying", "welcoming" and "visiting" people.