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Marta Spendowska ( V E R Y M A R T A :: ) moves smoothly between fine art and commercial art (illustration, licensing.) She's been working with collectors, fashion and beauty brands, ad agencies and magazines since she arrived in US. Just recently she's been published in Oprah Magazine (July 2014), chosen as a finalist in the Richeson 75 International Art Competitions — Figure / Portrait and accepted to the 2014 WOMA museum exhibition. She’s now been represented by a leading international illustration and animation agency Illustration Ltd with offices in London, New York, Hamburg, Paris and Shanghai.


Color, rhythm, pattern and a lyrical atmosphere is my focus now. 
Living in America gave me an interesting distance to Poland and it’s cold, silver-gray, melancholic nature. At this point I’m not sure what’s more influencing: the heavy, serious and emotionally gloomy but beautiful Poland or the joyful, 
naive America.
My abstract flora merges my love for poetic past and mother country with my ever-present affection for color, uplift, cheer and optimism that is very American to me.
It reflect what’s delicate in me, what tends to be the most receptive and what would never be expressed back home.
In my landscapes I travel back to the most violet-gray and sentimental Bałtyk Sea and rural childhood Polish lands that my beekeeper grandpa owned. The sentiment for dusk, fog and loneliness is always present in my work, it’s a way to make a sense out of it.


Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA, United States, 2015
Anne Neilson Fine Art, Charleston, SC, United States, 2015
Public Central Library, Green Bay, WI, United States, 2015
MOWA (Wisc Museum of Modern Art), West Bend, WI, United States, 2014
Richeson Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, United States, 2014