Jessica Poundstone

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I love to look at beautiful things and think about them, and I always have. Art museums and galleries, books, films: those are the places and ways I love to immerse myself in the beauty of beauty. I'm inspired by minimalist-with-warmth artists like Anne Truitt, Richard Tuttle, James Turrell and many more.


In my artwork, I'm exploring color, form and structure, and how they can all come together in new and unexpected ways. My images are meant to be meditative - a way to move for a moment to a different space out of time, to take a breath, to re-center, re-imagine and restore; to consider and to create new thoughts and new perspectives.


Van Der Plas Gallery Group Show, November 2017, Van Der Plas Gallery, Orchard Street, New York, NY, USA, 2017
Intersections & Complications, Tiny's Coffee South East, Southeast 12th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA, 2017