I am Karen‭, ‬born and raised in France and currently living in Israel‭.‬
I Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and have a great passion for typography and for the fusion of literal meaning‭ ‬with visual expression‭.‬

For as long as I can remember‭, ‬I have always drawn lines and played with words‭. ‬Shapes and texts were my safe haven‭.‬
As the years go by‭, ‬the lines change‭, ‬twist‭, ‬curve and straighten‭, ‬shapes are filled‭, ‬letters mixed‭, ‬languages meet‭.‬

With my children‭, ‬around the family craft desk‭, ‬my mind opens and my hands are set free‭.‬ I love simplicity‭, ‬chaos‭, ‬piles of laundry‭, ‬people‭, ‬and the little cracks that form in between things‭.‬