Joshua Griffit

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Graduate of the Fine Arts Academy, Florence, Italy. Has exhibited at museums and galleries around the world including Art Basel, the International Biennial of Graphic Art in Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria and Norway and has participated in several group and one man shows in museums and galleries around the world including the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem and the Open Teffen museum.

Mr. Griffit paints with acrylics on canvas and plywood and his style is an eclectic collection, moving between different degrees of Realism and Abstract.


I'm a collector of images from any source possible: history of art, advertisements, movies, childhood memories, self-conscious nostalgia, second hand longing etc.

The painting is created as a collage: expropriating natural environment and connecting the image to something more, ranging from images and associations, and a calligraphic stream of consciousness. The painting looks like a stage: some lit, some focused, some in darkness and partly implicit.
Painting at its best is similar to poetry: sometimes lean and precise, sometimes hearty and vague. I have no preferences.  I want to be surprised with myself every time and curiosity drives me.