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I started painting at an early age - I never thought it would become my profession, and still don't refer to it as such. For me it is just a way of being, of expressing emotions in forms of colors and lines, what lies behind those colors and lines is not so important to me, numbers or letters in the work, usually don't have any special meaning, I refer only to their shape. What interests me except color and composition are nuances, contrasts, textures and a balance in the whole painting. I prefer to use large canvases for my abstract works,. For my figurative or semi-figurative painting, I mostly paint on small/medium size canvas, wood or paper.

My starting point is never narrative, but in the end it tells a story that I think, comes from my subconscious mind. Stories about relationships between people, and people that look like animals (or the other way around), imaginary and humoristic characters.

I mostly use acrylic paint, and have recently been working on a lot of collages made with paper and canvas.

I consider myself a self thought artist, influenced by many artists who paint in a direct, unspoiled and yet sophisticated manner, as well as L'art Brut.

I enjoy being on the edge of "getting lost" and having control of my work. This is the place where I find most of my inspiration.


Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo, Norway, 2012
Enpleinair Pinerolo, Italy, 2012
Bazel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2012
Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, 2011
Kaniree Gallery, Zikhron Ya'akov, Israel, 2010
Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010
Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, 2008
Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008
Danielle Peleg Gallery, Detroit, MI, 2007
Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, 2006
Stern Gallery , Tel Aviv, Israel, 2006
Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, 2004