Darrah Gooden

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In 2001, Darrah earned her BFA degree with a painting emphasis. She currently resides in Dallas, Tx where she enjoys working as a collage artist. As a young girl she was fascinated by the process of collage. She was specifically drawn to 1960's children's books that depicted bold, graphic cut paper illustrations. Imperfectly cropped shapes and vivid colors interacted together to create magic on every page. Today Darrah reads the same books to her own children and still sees magic. Her current work is mentored by those images that first inspired her, yet manifests a unique life and process of its own. The challenge of creating each piece is as satisfying as the outcome. Sheer sheets of tissue paper are delicately cut into geometric shapes. Each individual shape carefully layered and adhered to canvas, one on top of the next until new colors, shadows and tiny creatures finally emerge.

Darrah has recently enjoyed designing products in partnership with The Land of Nod, as well as greeting card company, Papyrus. Her work can also be found locally at West Elm stores.

Learn more at www.tinyfawnprints.com.