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Justine Moody is a local artisan and a fine art graduate from Pratt Institute where she concentrated on sculpture and painting. Her present day primary mediums are natural fibers, clay., and painting with mixed mediums. After owning a fiber art and pottery studio for nearly 10 years, she decided to focus on fiber art full time, teaching and exhibiting her work. Her most recent works include a collection of wearable art pieces and textural wall hangings. Justine is endlessly exploring and pushing the boundaries of felting. She continues to combine classical and modern felting techniques to transform unwoven natural fibers into fabric and into art. All of her work is hand dyed and hand felted, respecting the history of the craft, yet lending a modern rendition to this ancient art form.


I am a fiber artist, a painter, and a potter living on Long Island with my family. I love history, photography, and age old crafts techniques, especially felting. Working with raw natural fiber allows me to embrace with and connect to centuries of tradition in a modern art form.