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I live on a farm just above Amsterdam where we keep hobby sheep, chickens, turkeys, horses, two dogs and a cat. I love to draw and paint animals and will often use them as models.
I was formally trained as a Master of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, and have lived and worked as an automotive engineer and entrepreneur in several European countries. I have drawn and painted from an early age and attended art courses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England. In September 2015 I have started the day course at the Wackers Academie in Amsterdam. Expected graduation is in June 2019. In May 2015 I was accepted as a member of the Waterlandse Kunstkring. In 2016, I won a prize at plein air festival Pintar Rapido. In 2017, I was nominated for the Royal Talens Rembrandt award at sea painting festival Noordwijk. Also in 2017, a charcoal drawing of mine was selected for the Dutch Zomerexpo (summer exhibition) and exhibited in Museum De Fundatie.


I love to paint life, from life.

My aim is to be, in a few years, a top international portrait and people painter. I feel I have made tremendous progress since I really started putting all my energy in painting, and look forward to learning much more in the years to come. Apart from the academy, I picked up Daily Painting, making small paintings of things I see around me. It helps me practice technique and discipline, just putting in hours.

I usually work from life, this is very important to me. Whatever the practical drawbacks, I feel it is better to capture the essence of a person, a landscape or an object in this way.

I want to catch the "human-ness" of the sitter, their vulnerability, their strength. I paint fast, and like to keep the freshness of the first look into my paintings. Tone and form are key.


Nominated for Royal Talens Rembrandt Award, Noordwijk aan Zee, Noordwijk, Netherlands, 2017
Picked for Summer Exhibition Zomerexpo, Museum de Fundatie / Kasteel het Nijenhuis, Wijhe, Netherlands, 2017
Prizewinner Pintar Rapido 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016