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Hello there! My name is Megan Cassidy Carty. Balancing being an artist, a wife, and a mother is hard work; yet the best kind of work.
After a lifetime love of drawing and painting I studied art at Syracuse University's School of Art and Design where I focused on advertising. A B.F.A. later I went on to work for several years in both boutique design firms and corporate retail settings all while longing for my own artistic voice. Desperate to scratch my own creative itch, I began working for myself creating customized letterpress birth announcements and wedding invitations for lots of wonderful clients. Before too long and after a lot of turbulence my husband Chris and I started our family and I set my career aside so I could focus on my babies and take on the giant task of Mothering.
The aching need to create kept calling to me like the seductive Sirens so I picked up my easy-to-clean-and-carry paints and began making anything that made my heart smile. My whimsical and quirky spirit came to life in my creations and I knew this was what I was meant to be doing. My past work has been featured online at Design Sponge, Poppytalk, and Domino Magazine's website. I hope you like it too! Shop for original paintings, order a custom commission, learn more about me, or sign up for my monthly newsletter (with a free download each month!) at Thanks for visiting!


My color explorations in my abstract works aim to bring a sense of happiness and positive spirit to a space. I push and pull the paint; working in layers which I both hide and reveal colors and textures. I want the viewer to feel an etherial sense of lightness, peace, and cheer when they observe my work. I view it as my life's purpose to bring happiness to others' homes however I can using the talents God has gifted me with. I also aim to make my work unique, edgy, stylish and chic to decorate and personalize your home; it is my honor to bring JOY to your walls!