Extremely enthusiastic, Aviv enjoys all kinds of photographs. He is especially appreciative of Japanese and Russian photographic art. Shooting nature, landscape, cityscapes, Aviv focuses on somewhat static, relaxing landscapes, emphasizing calmness and harmony. His photographs include many macro shots, often of flowers.

An enthusiast of digital photography as a more exact, more immediate and environment-friendly media, Aviv had always dreamed of a ‘film-less’ photography, of using a media that would directly "remember" the image instead of capturing it on one-use materials.

- Photographing images since the age of 8, inspired and supervised by dad; learned photography basics and composition from books;
- At the age of 13-14 periodically attended meetings of "Contrast" Photo Club in Kishinev and started to distinguish between different photographic
styles as an art;
- Photographing color pictures since 1996;
- Completely switched to digital in 1998;
- In 2001-2002 took a course on lighting and studio photography at "Camera Obscura," Tel-Aviv.