Bethany Mabee

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Bethany has been working within the interior design community for over 10 years, providing residential furniture procurement solutions for a variety of clients. Her company, Interior Logistics Group, has had the opportunity to work with several prestigious architecture and interior design firms around the country. Bethany enjoys being used in an organizational capacity within a creative environment as it strikes a stark contrast to her work as an artist. Her artwork is centered around improvisation and self-exploration and it is this contrast that provides her with the balance and fulfillment that she seeks.

Bethany's art work is currently represented by Agora Gallery in New York, NY and she is a resident artist at Studios on Sheridan in Peoria, IL.


When painting, I feel guided by improvisation. What usually starts as something nonrepresentational becomes a study of observation and inner exploration.

My inspiration comes mostly from the human experience…..its layers, contrasts and cycles. I find great interest in our emotional, mental and physical layers and how each evolves from the other to form our experiences. I’m interested by what layers we choose to reveal or conceal, by our responses to contrast and by our cyclical perceptions of the world around us.

I turn these observations into visual experiences through my use of color, tonal variation, juxtaposition of textures and layer application . My titles hint towards my own personal meaning or experience in the piece and it is my hope that each work will spark a personal feeling or experience in the viewer.